Part 2: The Real Cause of MOST Stiffness & Pain

The real cause of MOST stiffness and pain is to do with the Feedback Loop that exists between your SENSES, BRAIN, and BODY.

When you get injured, the senses let the brain know something is wrong.

If it’s bad enough, the brain will tell the surrounding muscles to contract to prevent further harm.

Most of the time, this Feedback Loop works well.

But sometimes, when your muscles stay contracted for too long, they forget their original function and form a new habit.

It’s like an old bed with a big ‘dip’ in the middle, forming a memory of where people have slept. It’s uncomfortable to sleep on!

The result is you feel stiff and sore, and not able to move freely… even after the injury has healed.

Unless you address this issue, typical yoga won’t help. In fact, according to a recent University of Sydney study, it can make things worse

Injury rate for yoga is up to 10x HIGHER than previously reported – University of Sydney study

The solution is to get your body to remember how it’s supposed to move… so you can finish the healing process and move freely again.

On the next page, I show you how…

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