When I first started doing yoga, I loved it. But kept injuring my shoulders and wondered if I was doing the poses right.

Then I saw others injuring themselves too… including yoga teachers.

That’s when I realized there was a problem with the way we were doing yoga – it’s actually what started me on this journey.

I decided to study yoga to deepen my understanding. But even after becoming an RYT-qualified teacher, I still had to visit the Chiropractor for my aching shoulders.

I thought, “If I’m doing these poses right then WHY am I still getting hurt?!”

I noticed many of my students struggling, too… trying to force themselves into poses without knowing what they were hoping to accomplish.

They were going through the motions but not seeing improvements. Some were even injuring themselves.

It was disheartening.

So I dove deeper into my studies with yin… natural remedies… and bio-mechanics…

But it wasn’t until I studied Neuro-Science that I gained two main insights…

First, if we have lasting stiffness & pain after an injury has healed, it’s often due to something known as a Feedback Loop issue.

Second, you can resolve these Feedback Loop issues by resetting the Neural Pathways involved.

I’ve seen students make significant improvements using this approach… sometimes in as little as one or two sessions.

Learn more how this works on the next page…

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