Yoga Poses for Shoulder Pain Relief – Part 3

This is part three of the three-part part series on the nerve gliding for the arms and we’re focusing on the nerves, running down the arms. So this one was focusing on the Ulnar Nerve. And this one runs from the neck into the ring finger and the little finger. So we’ve already done the median nerve – video one, the radial nerve – video two, and this one, the Ulnar Nerve. So, I’m going to do this one on my right arm. Again, as I suggested in the other two videos, you can do both arms.

So be mindful of that and make sure that you don’t overdo it. OK, so let’s begin just shaking the shoulders, shaking out the arms. Again, we sit up tall – you a little bit of a head ramp. So head ramping, the head’s quite often forward. So, we want to pull the head back, pulling it back through the chin, lifting up through the crown of the head. OK, again, then test your baseline. So again, whatever that is for you.

So you may want to just test the range of movement you have for an area that may be causing tension or pain in the body. OK so whatever your range of movement is, that’s your baseline. OK, then just relax the arm again. Lift up through the crown of the head. OK, so this one, again just release the down towards the ground. And now we extend at the wrist.

So pulling your fingers up towards the ceiling. And then we take your opposite hand into the elbow crease. And you’re going to pull the forearm in towards the upper Iarm as though you are squeezing it against a ball.

So the hand can act like that imaginary ball. Once you’ve got that squeezing in towards each other, again, keeping the wrist extended, you can release your other arm. Then lifting the upper arm to be parallel to the ground. Again, you may already be feeling it here. If not, just gently relax the shoulder down away from the ear. depressing it. Now can start to take your elbow to the side.And again notice feeling it here.

And then the last step is to take your head away from the arm that you’re moving. So opposite ear to opposite shoulder. OK, so again, just notice each of those steps and back off if you need to. Come back to one of the previous steps. OK now we’re going to put the tension on and release the tension. So you can do that either by flexing and extending at the wrist. You could bring the elbow in and away, or bring the heat up and down.

We’re going to do it by bringing the arm in and out. I’ll just show you the move again before we come into it.

So, again, wrist extension. Pull the forearm in towards the upper arm and then lift the up to about shoulder height – the upper arm parallel to the ground. OK, and then we’re going to start to take the elbow out to the side and then tip head away. And this is quite intense for me. So I’m just going to bring my head back up again and just work it from here. So again, tension is on, elbow away.

Now we’re going to take the tension off by bringing the elbow forwards. And then put the tension on by taking the elbow out to the side. And again, bring the elbow for tension off, put the tension on by taking it out. We’ll do it one more time. And then take it away. Hold it here and then again, just close your eyes and can you sense or visualize the nerve pathways – so visualizing from the neck down through the shoulder into the arm. And where can you follow that pathway?

So all the way to possibly your ring finger or your little finger. Notice the sensations and then you can gently open your eyes and slowly back out of the pose. Shake it out. And again just shaking out any weird feeling, maybe even tapping your arm if you need to. OK, now, again, let’s test the baseline. And just notice if there is a difference with this one.

OK, and then if you didn’t have a difference, you can try one of the other two videos with the Medium Nerve or the Radial Nerve.

If you have any questions at all, you’re welcome to message me at the bottom of any of these videos. I’d love to hear about your experience.

When I do this in class. I normally have someone at the end of class telling me about a release they have had in the neck or in the shoulders or in their wrists. And it’s interesting for people to experience the pathway of the nerve. So if you have an experience that you would love to share, I’d love to hear it. Otherwise and talk to you soon.

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